What Are some of The Benefits of Tooth Colored Fillings

Tooth-Colored-BracesIt is important to know what tooth colored fillings are all about, before delving into the benefits that they offer to users. These are dental fillings that are used by dentists like Dr. Stephen Coates to restore and sometimes mimic the appearance of natural teeth. They also come in handy when dental patients want the color, shape, and size of their teeth changed to meet their unique needs. The following are some of the advantages that users get by using these fillings


These fillings are created and designed in such a way that they match the natural color of teeth. Therefore, patients will never have issues of color conflict, or even have their looks affected because of color of their teeth. Overall, they are recommended for both adolescents and young adults.

Easy to repair & used on both sides of a tooth

The best thing about these teeth colored fillings is that they can be used on the front of the teeth as well as the back. In cases of any damage, they are pretty easy to repaid. This means that you will not only enjoy high functionality rate, but also get value for your money as they are quite durable if well taken care of.

Easy Time to use

One thing that sets the tooth colored fillings above the others that fall in the same range is that take less time to dry. Unlike the other others that can take several days, tooth colored filling takes only a few minutes sometimes seconds.

The other benefits of tooth colored filling that Dr. Stephen Coates can explicitly explain are; they do not require grooves or pins for placement, and also that they tend to restore up to 95% strength of the teeth. They are reliable and you never lose money but end up saving time in the long run.

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